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For all your Judaica needs: Mezuza cases and scrolls, books, art, Sterling-Silver Collection, gifts, Shabbos and Holiday needs, specialty items, and much more. Living Torah Judaica has what you need.

Living Torah Judaica
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Artistically designed menorahs have been available for centuries. The tremendous creative variety available today have never been as easy to obtain. We at Judaica Mall are honored to introduce menorahs handcrafted by leading artisans. Menorahs – works of art to be handed down from generation to generation, some of them even as an heirloom.




Mesuzah Cases & Scrolls
This is a truly stunning collection of over 200 Mezuzah cases ranging From the simplest of designs to the most decorative, we offer a truly stunning array of Mezuzah cases. Beautifully handcrafted, these Mezuzah cases come in both traditional and modern designs.




Tallit – Prayer Shawl.

Our selection of Israeli made Tallits includes an extensive range that have been exquisitely hand-embroidered, silk appliqued, or even hand-painted. Made from fine fabrics such as organza, woven silk, or 100% wool, this is truly a superb collection of Tallits.


Kiddush Cups.

The Torah tells us Make the Sabbath Day holy. What better way than with a handcrafted Kiddush Cup. Perfectly suited for sanctifying Shabbat, a wedding, or yom tovim, each Kiddush Cup is made with care and precision from glass or 925 silver. Visit our gift shop and you will find that unique Kiddush Cup you’ve been looking for.


For more information contact: 310-394-5699 or Email Rabbi@LivingTorahCenter.com.

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